doing as my dog says……..

It started a long time ago, but is as new as today. The deep conviction that my Dog has something to say. He often comes and sits his head on my lap and looks into my eyes as if to say “well come on do what I’m thinking, speak the words that I’m seeing …….smelling. ”

For he is no ordinary Dog (for there is no such thing) He is a working Dog. A therapist, a listener, a confidant ,the drier of tears, the giver of hope. He works in aged care ,visiting and bringing love, and moments of pure joy to those who live there.

So I have been appointed to be the scribe. The sharer of the sacred stories.

Chapter one ……..

3 thoughts on “doing as my dog says……..

      1. I heard the love and respect that you have for your Benji in those words in your post above. Keep on writing; keep on telling Benji’s story. Oh, and feel free to reblog anything you like from Learning from Dogs anytime. 👌

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