life with my ‘two legs’

You will need to be patient with me as English is my second language. I was born speaking Dog. A complicated ,yet simple language, a million years old, with its roots in truth. No words required, just based on scent, smell, and sight. I have a story to tell and my ‘two legs’ has been chosen to be the scribe. I have been blessed with with a faithful, loving,understanding ‘two legs’. I chose her long ago. She can read my mind, see into my heart and really understands us ‘four legs’. Yet she has much to learn. She still uses way too many words. Still is concerned about what other people think. And I have noticed when we go on walks she really struggles to just BE to just be on the walk. Her feet walk next to mine, but her mind well …. it is concerned with the past, or worried and in the future. I find this to be a common condition of many ‘two legs’.


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