fresh air…….

IMG_5849Out with my ‘two legs’ today, it was her suggestion . “Lets go and get some fresh air” she said.  Well I’m a Dog and there is no such thing!  For smell is my fist language and everything oozes scent, its how I get my information. I smell before I see or hear. And every living being has their own scent. My fellow  ‘ 4 leggs’ love to spray their scent around ,peeing on everything. ‘Two legs ‘ have this strange practise of trying to cover their scent up with soap , lotions, and sprays. It’s kind of funny because it doesn’t work! For I can smell the essence of everyone. I can smell fear, anxiety and sadness. I know when you are happy, content. I know if you are really here with me or have gone travelling to some deep dark worry hole in your mind !

I know more than you. My wisdom runs deep. My insights are layer upon layer.I know your mood, your feelings. The temperature of your body and the rumbling   of your gut tell me stories, stories of your heart, of your regrets…..worries…. dreams. My Dogness is deeper, different to humaness. I can smell your complicated ways. I am simple, I live in the moment, for the now. For I am Dog.

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