Missing Daisy

Running free
Always together


She is golden in so many ways. She was a Cocker Spaniel, a golden one. It would have been her birthday this week. Fourteen times round the sun. I have never lived in this world without her. I went with her that last time to the Vet, I couldn’t let her go on her own. The days since her passing have been my darkest. We buried her under the old gum tree. We had a service like the ones the ‘two legs’ have when one of their own passes. The mornings, evenings and nights are the hardest. The sadness in me spills out at the strangest of times in the strangest of ways. You see I still go looking for her, calling out to her, rasing my nostrils to the sky in search of her scent. As the days pass her scent fades and the sadness in me grows. During the night as I pace the floor and call her name ,the ‘two legs’ I love the most gets out of bed and sits with me by the fire, and as I lick her fallen tears from the floor boards she rubs my fur and we tell each other Daisy stories.

When I was a mere pup she welcomed me with that crazy Cocker Spaniel fun and love. She taught me all the important stuff. How to wee outside, how to dig holes, and to dig up only the plants that my ‘two legs’ loved the most. She taught me how to pinch shoes, and I remember how disappointed she was with me, when after pinching one of the ‘two legs’ shoes I returned it weeks later. She taught me how to pretend that I hadn’t heard the ‘two legs’ call my name.

She also tried to teach me how to stand up for myself, to believe in what I was doing in what I was thinking…….something I still haven’t really mastered. You see if I’m barking and the ‘two legs’ tell me to stop, I stop! Not Daisy, she would just keep doing what she believed in. She would run off and no amount of calling from the ‘two legs’ would stop her. She was her own Dog. How I miss you my Daisy!


1 thought on “Missing Daisy

  1. Dear Benji, I was so sorry to hear of your dear friend Daisy moving on & leaving her body. It was so great that you had such a special friend in your life. Thinking of you and hope you enjoyed the beach. love from Hilary xx


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